Regularly updating your Netop products is critical to maximizing the ROI on your software and improving operational efficiency. With the Upgrade Package, our experts will help ease the transition for your software, hardware, and staff.



What's included in the Upgrade Package

Choose from the support options below to create a custom package that addresses your specific usage of Netop Remote Control.


upgradeAsset 57@4x

of latest version of Netop Remote Control


securityserverAsset 38@4x

assistance for complex network configurations


trainingAsset 35@4x

of administrators and staff

webconnectAsset 47@4x

configuration and setup

compatibilityAsset 61@4x 

for customers using multiple versions of Netop Remote Control

upgradeAsset 58@4x

following duration of Upgrade Package



The Process


processAsset 33@4x 

1. Project team

Netop will assign a primary project owner to facilitate your upgrade. If your team spans multiple geographies, time zones, or even speaks different languages, we can tailor your plan to accommodate your unique needs.


locationAsset 40@4x

2. Location

Training can be delivered either on-site or remotely. On-site delivery is subject to additional travel costs.

timelineAsset 39@4x

3. Timeline

The Upgrade Package is designed to last no more than two business days (16 hours) and can be planned for a single day or divided into multiple sessions. This package may also include follow-up support after the initial implementation.


budgetAsset 41@4x

4. Budget

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