Why is Secure Remote Access So Important?

With data breaches happening on a monthly basis, it's never been more important to lock down endpoints.

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Date: Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 2pm EST

What you'll learn: 

Endpoint Protection

  • Firewalls, anti-virus software, password policy, disabling known threat vectors like RDP and unsecured ports
  • Application virtualization, MAC/IP address filtering, confirmed access, point-to-point encryption and key exchange


  • Password management, directory services integration, MFA
  • Closed user groups, secure deployment packages, identity management and privileged access


  • Setting permissions for screen sharing, system commands, file transfer, running programs, KVM control
  • Application whitelisting, permissions at the group or device level 


  • IP address and hostname for both endpoints, applications and file access, session events like screen sharing, file transfer and chat, and date / time stamps
  • Screen recording, custom logging to highlight critical data, unalterable audit logs